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More About Getting Around St. John and St. John Maps

Navigating St. John is very easy - with the right map! If you want to really get your bearings and the feel for the island, we recommend having all three maps, just because each will give you a different perspective of the island.

The St. John Map is pretty simple to read, but it is quite large and cumbersome, with its primary purpose is to help you find businesses. Although the main roads are clearly marked, it is more of an entertainment piece than it is directional.

The Trail Bandit map is the unofficial hiking map, and shows many of the roads on St. John - except for East End (Coral Bay). Although the National Park does not condone the Trail Bandit because of his treading and clearing trails without permission, it's better than any map the National Park distributes and is well worth finding and is available in a few places on St John, especially if you want to hike while on St. John. Read more about his adventures on his site.

National Geographic produces the best and most complete map of St. John and is available for sale in many places in Cruz Bay. It is by far the best map the island, for obvious reasons.

Click here for Trail Bandit Map.