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About Serendip Condos Owners

Serendip’s 10 Cruz Bay rentals are privately owned by nine individual owners from Florida, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Minnesota and Puerto Rico. The longest-term owner is a family that bought more than 40 years ago.

Much like the 7 castaways of Gilligan’s island, Serendip’s owners come from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, from all walks of life, including a Puerto Rican dive & snorkel tour operator, teachers, marketing personnel, business people, an actress, and even a retired New York City police officer.
On the flipside, the continuity amongst owners is our homogeneous, fascination with the clear water, snorkeling, diving, and pristine beaches of St. John Island that brought us all together.  This diversity of backgrounds is no fluke. Serendip’s St. John accommodations ownership is of like-minded people that chose owning a piece of paradise on St. John Island as a safe, long-term vacation rental investment, with added benefits!

The 7 castaways of Gilligan’s island were continually trying to get off the island; on the contrary; given the opportunity, our owners are quick to hop a flight to enjoy the benefits of rental property ownership.   We welcome newcomers who may be interested in Serendip ownership.  There are a few St. John USVI rentals for sale that have been enjoyed for many years by long-term owners; thus, opening the door to new opportunities for investors.  If you are interested in owning a vacation rental unit, please speak to our Property Manager.

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